Monday, October 17, 2011

Why is Everyone So Surprised?

WHO'S IN THE WORLD SERIES?? THAT'S RIGHT! We are! GO CARDS!! WOOOOOOOT!! And how much will the news (not STL) say about it? "sports blah blah 10min. of how the brewers gave it there best shot sports blah blah 10. minutes about Texas sports blah blah ohyeahbythewaythecardinalsareintheworldseries blah blah blah" Oh big deal right? that we are the BEST team in the National League. Or that we have some of the best player in baseball. No big deal.

Hey, do ya'll know what this means? Scotty McCreery will be in St. Louis on Wednesday. :D He's singing at the first game. Cool. Beans.

Let's news. I had my psych midterm 2 weeks ago and the grades just got posted last night. I sincerely thought I failed. I guessed on half of it. My teacher said his test are pass/fail kinda thing. You either get an A or an F. Since I guessed on most of it, I assumed I would be on the F-side of the scale. But what did I get? A 92% That's right! I guess I'm a good guesser. ;) So I am a happy camper today. This week is DEFINITELY starting our on the right foot. :)

Alright, time to go meet with my advisor about classes next semester. Have a good week!

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