Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quick Update

I'm pretty sure only in Missouri can you find 84 degree weather in October. I'm not exactly complaining. I know I'll miss the warm weather once there's 2 feet of snow on the ground, but I want my jeans and hoodies, and bonfire, and 50-degrees.

GO CARDS! They KICKED the Brewers' butts on Friday night! Only one game may stand between the Cardinals and the World Series. If they make it, they'll be playing Texas, which is completely fine with me. I was in Detroit a few years ago, and the city was cold and dirty. I didn't like anything about it (no offense to anyone from Detroit). Yeah, I know "who are you to be hating on other cities?" Well, St. Louis may be #1 in crime. And a bit rundown in areas. But hey, it's home. :)

I'm counting down they days 'til Christmas break (61 days!). I love school. I like learning, but I'm ready for break. An entire month. :)

I think that's actually about it for now. Not a lot going on besides school and work. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting post later this week. Have a good Sunday! :)

who needs mountains or oceans? ;)

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