Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm so tired...

So yesterday was pretty much the best day of my short, young life. But to fully understand, we're going to go back a few months...about 24, to be exact.

OK so about two years ago I heard about this on-the-rise group of guys (NOT a boy band) from Ireland and Scotland called "Celtic Thunder". At the time I thought they were good, but I wasn't really into that style of music (celtic, mostly, with some popular songs from the 70s and 80s). Now, fast-forward a year. I randomly started to listen to them about a year ago, and really liked them. I mean REALLY got into them. I got all their CDs from the library and was listening to them all the time. Around February, I happened to see them doing a show on PBS, and they said they were doing another American Tour, and were coming here!! The show wasn't until October. 8 whole months! *Insert sad sigh* Then last March (St. Patrick's Day, ironically ;)) My grandma surprised me with their latest CD and DVD. That was a good day ;) OK so then on my birthday I said I wanted tickets to the concert. Then I went through this phase where I didn't really listen to them, then I did, then I didn't, then I did etc. Well, finally, Thursday, the day before the concert, I was like, "Mom, I want the tickets." I knew we'd probably not get very good seats, since it was so last minute, but I looked, and we ended up getting tickets on the floor 7 ROWS FROM THE FRONT!! I was shocked that seats that good were still available.
according to my camera, this is how far away we were...

but it was really this close

So last night, I started getting ready 2 hours before we left. ;) We drove all the way downtown, parked and walked into the amazingly beautiful Fabulous Fox Theatre. Oh my gosh, that place is SO gorgeous! I've been there several times before, but every time I walk in, it takes my breath away.
this is one of the walls inside the auditorium

I had planned on taking a bajillion pictures. I had erased my memory card, and charged my camera battery and everything. But they said that taking pictures/video was strictly prohibited, and if you got caught, they'd kick you out. Well, that was a risk I was just not willing to take. So I only got a few pictures before the show started.

this was my outfit...obviously ;)
The show itself was AMAZING! It exceeded my expectations, which to be honest, were already set pretty high. You know how everyone is terrible live? Singing-wise? Well, CT was BETTER than the recordings. Since when does that happen? Yeah, I know...never. So that was pretty awesome. :) The tickets themselves were pretty expensive, so I wasn't expecting anything else, but my parents said if I wanted (they were like pushing me to) I could get a T-shirt. So I did :) My mom's turned into a Thunderhead ;) and she bought a calendar. On the way home Mom and I were talking about driving straight to Chicago to see them again. My dad was like, "hahaha. no." So that was that...but I'm happy. It was a VERY good night :) :)

This morning was the dreaded ACT. I'm always nervous 'til I sit down at the desk. Then I'm fine, and I just want to get it over with so I can sleep. It was sooooo long and soooooo boring. I'm hoping I did better than last month (my score went down last time). So we'll see.

When I got home I watched a movie (P.S. I Love You--one of the best movies EVER! Yay Ireland! <3 ;)) then went to go babysit my favoritest children ever. I just got home about 30 minutes ago. I'm so tired, I almost fell off my couch just now. I think that's my que to get off and go to bed. ;) I might finish watching this football game with my dad--Go MIZZOU!!

I was going to put up the 4 whole pictures I took last night, but I think I'll just do it tomorrow. Hope everyone's having a good weekend! Ciao! <3

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