Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How lovely...

Hey everyone! Remember the other day how I said I had midterms to study for? yeah about that...they're all next week. nice. Oh and I have about 53 thousand hours of Trig homework this week, and two chapters and a midterm to study for in Health class. On top of all my other school. woo hoo! *sarcasm*

Don't you just love how awesome God is? And how he provides our needs? When I had my job I (for whatever reason) never got asked to babysit. At all. Which was fine, because I didn't have the time, and I hate having to say "no" (another God thing perhaps?). Well, now that I'm (kind of) unemployed I've gotten 3 babysitting jobs in the past week! YESS! Which, at this point isn't quite as much money as I would've been making at a "real" job, but it's a heck of a lot more fun! :D So yeah...It's pretty amazing how God works everything out. :)

I'm planning on traveling to France and Italy next year (about a week after graduation--perfect timing) with my French teacher and some other people. I'm really excited and had about 2/3 of the trip paid for when I got "laid off". So now, I'm praying about it and trying to find a way to get $1300 by February. One way or another I WILL be on that plane come June...Deo Volente. And I'm also thinking/praying about a mission trip to Belize with my church that same summer. God has really put the country of Belize on the hearts of several people in particular at my church, and God has done some amazing things in their lives, and the lives of the Belizians. 

My sister and I are having a movie night tonight. We've watched the first two Anne of Green Gables (the ones put out by Sullivan Entertainment) movies last week, and are watching the third tonight. I'm very excited. The third is my favorite. It's so...emotional :')

Ok, I've rambled enough. Ooh wait! Is anyone else taking the ACT this Saturday? Am I the only one who's completely dreading it? :\ Ok, NOW I've rambled enough. Have a good rest of the week! Ciao! <3 


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