Saturday, April 30, 2011

All Mixed Up

Have you ever had those days where it just feels like a different day? Different days have different vibes. Well all day yesterday I thpught it was Saturday...which means that today obviously felt like a Sunday. Fortunately, *today* is Saturday and I still have another day of weekend left. :D

I've actually had a very packed weekend thus far (which is pretty dang exciting 'cause I've been living somewhat like an old lady lately). Friday night I went to a dance party/birthday party for a friend of a friend. I got home sometime between 1 and 2am (That's late for me since legally I can't drive past 1am...oops :p) Then I had to be at work this morning. After that, one of my friends wanted me to drive her out in the country (Livy lives in the suburbs and says she needs wide-open I said I'd take her out on some of the back roads around my house). We decided to stop my town to walk around a little. We walked into a little Ice Cream shop 'cause ice cream sounded good, for some reason (generally I think the stuff is NASTY). Well, turns out this place doesn't except credit/debit, and neither of us had any cash. So we were just going to walk out and come back some other time when the lady gave us the cones and said, "Go ahead and take them. You can just come back up here and pay us whenever."
Say what? That is why I love living in a small town. I didn't know those people, and until today I didn't even know the place existed. Yet, they were like, "yeah, sure, no biggy, blah blah blah..." I'm going back up there with cash next week to pay them. It totally made my day. :)

Anyhoo, I had planned on writing a little more, but I'm so tired, it's not even funny. And I have Church in the morning so I don't even get to sleep in. Ah bien...c'est la vie

So, good night all! within the next few days I'm hoping to write up a movie review for "The King's Speech". GREAT movie. And I promise to start taking pictures of my life. I always hate reading blogs that don't have pictures...booooooring!! So I'll try to remember to take my camera with me and actually use it. ;)


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