Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Will Never...

I will never EVER go Christmas shopping 4 days before Christmas EVER again! o.O OK, that's not true...I do that every year. hehe but I won't do it by myself anymore...boooooring!!! However, I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done! Woot! I just have to buy my dad's birthday present (his b-day's Christmas Eve). Am I the only one who thinks dad's are insanely difficult to shop for? It's impossible! I mean, there's only so many years you buy him shirts/ties before it just gets redundant, right?

I will never again burn myself at work...another one that's not true. I burnt my hand really badly on one of the grills yesterday now it's all ugly and nasty. And painful! My gosh!

I will never stay out past 1am when I have to work the next morning...OK this one...I'm not sure about...I'll probably end up being stupid like that again. Last night was the last Bible study for 2 weeks because our leader (Jason) is going to L.A. for 2 weeks. So...I decided to stay out and hang out with everyone. I usually leave early because I have school the next morning. Anyhoo, we went to Waffle House. I'm not gonna lie. This place is dodgy. It's one tiny room divided up into smoking and non-smoking (ha. right). I sat at a booth with two smokers. Several of my friends smoke. I love them all dearly, but I just can't handle the smoke. I got such a bad headache. I couldn't eat because the smoke made me sick to my stomach. I doubt I'll go back. Other than that it was pretty fun. It was good being able to hang out with these people since I won't see them 'til after New Year's.

La dee da--that's all I can think of right now. I feel like I'm forgetting something I wanted to say...darnit oh well...I'm off to wrap Christmas presents!

peace and love! xo

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